Since 1987, Vohra Tea and Industries Pvt. Ltd has offered the best Assam Teas from its estate Shantipur Tea Plantations. Situated on the very foothills where tea was first discovered in India by the pioneers, Shantipur Belongs to the Quality Zone of Upper Assam, in the Sibsagar District.

Shantipur Tea Plantations (350 acres) offers a distinctive selection of teas. Our tea bushes are nurtured from planting to picking. We take great care and pride in achieving the flavorsome, nutrient- packed tea with which Shantipur tea has become synonymous.

Vohra Tea & Industry team embodies dedication to quality products for a healthy lifestyle. All of our teas are grown on our own farms and farms following sustainable farming methods in our guidance. The plantation has an average age of 20 years. We control the quality of the product
all the way from the tea bush to the cup.

We only use sustainable farming methods, and we ensure all our people work in good conditions and earn a decent living. Vohra Tea is a fourth generation tea business committed to growing the highest quality sustainable Assam teas.


Our online Teashop is always open for your tea needs.

  • CTC Black tea
  • Orthodox Tea
  • Green Tea


We sell our teas in the wholesale packing in the following Marks:

  • Shantipur Gold
  • Shantipur Tea


Managing Director

Mr R K Agarwalla comes from a business family that has been in tea for 75years.He has forged unique paths, battling the odds in the process, bringing deep-rooted changes from “Buying the tea from other estates and Selling” to “Manufacturing the tea from our own estates and Selling”. Mr. R.K. Agarwalla’s 45 years’ experience in the Industry has been able to make Shantipur Tea Plantations reach higher levels of standards of quality in producing a satisfaction so rare, a tea so fine.

Mr Agarwalla is a partner in Shree Bhawani Tea Industries, A Bought leaf manufacturing unit with a capacity of 10,00,000kilograms of black CTC tea. Located in Lepetkatta of the Dibrugarh district.


Mayank Agarwalla is very passionate about tea. He has been actively involved with Vohra Tea & Industries Pvt. ltd since 2013. Mayank looks into the production and marketing functions. He is also responsible for the family owned Shree Bhawani Tea Industries.

He holds a PGFMB degree from SP Jain Institute of Research and Management, Mumbai. Mayank is also a BBM from the Christ University, Bangalore. An alumnus of Chinmaya International Residential School and The Assam Valley School.